Pain Free, Hair Free (Laser Hair Removal/Reduction)

Alma Laser Pain Free, Hair Free – Hair removal is a procedure that has become extremely popular over the past decade. Some people want to have unsightly hairs removed that are growing in at odd locations on their body, while others just want to avoid the annoying chore of having to shave on a regular basis. The average woman shaves 7,729 times in her life!!! Whatever the reason is, people want their hair removal procedure to be as painless as possible. New advancements in technology have made hair removal a much more pleasant experience than it used to be.

Harmony XL SHR

The Harmony XL SHR is one in a series of lasers that have made it possible to treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues. This laser hair removal technology prevents the patient from feeling virtually any pain during their procedure. There is also no need for any bulky external devices or topical chillers. This device combines the convenience and comfort of a trip to the local spa with the latest medical laser technology available on the market today. It has the reputation of being one of the most pleasant options for hair removal. There is no longer any need for a person to dread their hair removal appointment.

What is SHR?

SHR is a method of hair removal patented by Alma Lasers. It is currently being used in hundreds of hospitals around the world and is a globally recognized brand. SHR begins by slowly raising the temperature of the skin to a point where the follicles of hair start to suffer damage to them. This level of hear also prevents the hairs from growing again in the future. One of the most attractive features of this method of hair removal is the fact that the laser does not harm any of the tissue surrounding the site of the procedure. The skin receives pulses that are short and repetitive. This helps to achieve a high level of power and heat while causing the patient almost no pain at all.


There are other reasons why the Harmony XL SHR has become so popular besides the fact that it is nearly painless and it does not damage the surrounding tissue. Let’s take a look at some of the other advantages to using the Harmony XL SHR laser for hair removal:

  • Proven safety record: There have been several studies that have proven SHR to be the safest way to remove hair via laser for every type of skin. This includes skin that is dark and more sensitive to a laser because of the amount of melanin. The follicles are not destroyed by one single blast of energy. Instead, short and repetitive bursts of energy are used to eliminate the follicles. This means there is less of a chance the skin will be burned during the procedure.
  • Tanned skin: SHR implements a method that impacts the skin’s melanin. This enables people to have hair removal performed throughout the year. The laser is equally effective on skin that is tanned. Once the procedure has been performed, the sun will cause less damage to the skin.

At Terra Atma Medi Spa in Medicine Hat, we offer pain free laser hair treatments using the Harmony XL SHR technology system. If you’re ready to experience the joy of being hair-free, call us today. We’ll help you get that smooth, sexy skin you’ve been after.