Demystifying DF Machine

The Ionzyme DF Machine provides facial treatments which are at the forefront of scientific skin care. DF Machine is an essential part of your Environ Facial.

The machine introduces the use of Pulsed Iontophoresis  – the use of a specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate penetration of vitamins into the cells, and Low Frequency Sonophoresis  – the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin. 

It is considered the most effective machine in the world today for enhancing the penetration of vitamins and serums into the skin.

“With the powerful vitamin therapy of Environ there can be a remarkable change in the appearance of your skin”

How long does it take?

For optimum results a course of  a minimum of six DF Treatments is recommended. Digital photographs are taken before and after every course of treatments. 

A treatment plan with the DF Machine is carefully devised for each client to allow the optimal benefits of the Environ skin care products.  The treatments are designed to:

  • Minimise lines and wrinkles
    (including upper lip, around the eyes, neck, jowls)
  • Normalise and improve collagen and elastin
  • Diminish pigmentation
  • Increase the healing of acne
  • Stimulate thickening of the skin
  • Restore elasticity and tone
  • Deliver a healthier, more vibrant skin
  • Restore normal blood flow and oxygenation to the skin
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce chicken pox and acne scars
  • Reduction of cellulite

The DF Ionzyme Machine is suitable for all skin types, and can be incorporated into your regular facial treatment or delivered as a targeted, stand alone Active Vitamin Facial Treatment. 

More information on some of our DF Machine treatments:

  • Colostrum DF Treatment
  • Advanced Vitamin A & C DF Treatment
  • Masque Crystal DF Treatment
  • Intense Vitamin A DF Treatment
  • Acne/Problem Skin DF Treatment
  • TCA/Lactic Peeling Treatments
  • Peptide Serum DF Facial

How does it work?

The DF Machine uses specific Environ products that contain the optimum strengths of Vitamin A and C plus additional growth factors, combined with Iontophorsis and Sonophoresis methods.  This creative system enhances penetration of the Environ products through the skin providing better absorption of the active vitamins and essential factors into the skin.  This technique is crucial because the skin has a natural, waterproof barrier that hinders the penetration of vitamins.  The Ionzyme DF Machine overcomes this resistance with two tried and tested methods:

Iontophoresis – involves the use of an electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin. With conventional iontophoresis, changes are very much slower, whereas with the Ionzyme® DF machine, the client will notice that the skin looks and feels younger within two or three treatments.

Sonophoresis – involves the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin. The sound used is the same as the sound made by dolphins, which produces better penetration through the skin than conventional Ultrasound.

Iontophoresis is used for relatively large surface areas such as the face and neck, whereas Sonophoresis is used on limited areas such as the upper lip and the concentration of character lines around the eyes, on scar tissue and on pigmentation marks. Both methods can be combined, where necessary, for intensive treatments.

The treatments are designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalisation and improvement of collagen and elastin, better control of pigment production, restoration of normal blood flow and proper oxygenation of the skin.

Dr Des Fernandes has concentrated on producing the most scientifically targeted products for use with the Environ® Ionzyme® DF machine. Terra Atma Medi Spa can offer effective treatments for anti-ageing, acne, scarring, pigmentation, hypersensitive skins and stretch marks.