Dark spots can cause uneven skin tones, which means you have to apply makeup in order to hide and/or minimise the appearance of their complexion. Dark spots are due to the “overproduction of melanin in the skin often caused by increased progesterone and estrogen that pregnant women see lighten immediately following birth. Sunlight exposure can increase melanin levels and end up with uneven complexion. Darker spots eventually affect older patients rather than younger patients or all that damages occurred in earlier age start to show symptoms on later date. More spots appear after summer is over although skin irritation as a result of waxing, harsh scrubs, and acne can also cause dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments include sunscreen, which should be used year round to minimise sun exposure, which can cause the spotting. Sunscreen must protect against UVA, UVB and Infra Red heat. It is best advised to avoid sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Birth control pills can also set off changes in pigmentation when estrogen levels change. Uneven pigmentation means that lighter skin tones develop freckles or sun spots while dark skin, which already has a high melanin content looks shadowed or patched.

You cannot treat all spots the same. Vitamin C can be a topical antioxidant that helps to block free radicals, not to lighten normal skin but to better absorb free radicals. Use sunscreen in the morning before you go out. Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can be treated effectively with laser. Contact us for appointment.